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New Suggested 11/12/2019 by Ian Pollicott



Checklist Functionaility

It would be great if you had an electronic checklist functionality, suggesting the following:

o   Some checklist actions will have dependencies on the previous action being completed.  Whereas, others will not.
o   Each action on the checklist should have an SLA from the date the ticket was created or an SLA based upon when the previous action was completed.
o   Checklists with short and long action descriptions.
o   Checklists with as few or as many actions as we require.
o   A ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer can change the path of the checklist.

MI will show whether actions are on track or behind the SLAs so you may determine whether:

o   There is a training requirement

o   The SLA is unachievable

o   Who in the team is being the most/least productive

o   If you could ‘weight’ action within the checklist, for example ‘10’ might be complete all of the necessary documents and ‘1’ send an email with attachments, then such weighting would reflect the effort put into each stage.  This would reflect team members effort due to complexity of tasks.

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