Implemented Suggested 12/12/2019 by Jack UTLEY



Dashboard Tab - Realtime stats and monitoring for performance management

Wouldn't it be great if JitBit had a new tab called Dashboards where you add and remove widgets with real-time monitoring stats to create a panel of useful KPIs and metrics about your JitBit?  Whilst the "Reports" Tab is useful for generating reports, I would like to see a real-time monitoring of the Help Desk built around key performance indicators (KPI) of the Help Desk.  My guess is all of the data is in there, it just needs surfacing in a cool UI.  This tab would only be available for Admins and Technicians to view.

The Dashboard could show useful metrics using graphs/charts or speedometers:
  • Total tickets today
  • Total tickets this month/week
  • Total tickets all time
  • Ticket Arrival rate (per hour/per day)
  • Ticket service rate (per hour/per day)
  • Ticket closure rate (per hour/per day)
  • Avg. Resolution Speed (today/this week/month) vs. all time average.
  • Avg. Duration (today/this week/month) vs. all time average.
  • # agents on line
  • Total number of users in this JitBit helpdesk
  • Total number of companies in this JitBit helpdesk
  • # New users registered this week/month
  • # New companies registered this week/month

Such a dashboard could provide meaningful instrumentation on the overall throughput and performance of a Helpdesk a bit like the flight controls of an airplane or dashboard of your car.

avatar Hector Bas
Been thinking about this for the past couple weeks. Would be extremely useful. Additionally a "Current Activity" tab that shows exactly what tickets a user is currently viewing and/or has viewed recently.
12/12/2019 6:16 PM
avatar Michael Milnes
This, this, this, and more this. I've been trying to figure out how to pull this data out and pump it into Power BI in the meantime. I tried to do a report page that would refresh all the time, but since I use the on-prem version I was unsuccessful.
12/16/2019 1:58 PM
avatar Hector Bas
Additionally, something like this in quadrant style so that you can customize each grid with a custom activity layout or report, as well as inserting a calendar widget for a quick overview of tickets with set due dates. This is what should become the new default page when logging in really.
1/1/2020 11:27 AM
avatar Alex Tech
We've released the first prototype yesterday (already available on the SaaS version) and will keep adding more features b/c currently it is very basic.
3/17/2020 11:53 AM
avatar Mark Gabb
@alex Awesome work....
i already love the idea of it

My only issue is its admin only, and doesnt allow any refinements.... in our situation, we use Jitbit across multiple departments with ICT Facilities Quality, and HR all in the one service desk, the ability to filter to only areas im allowed to view as a technician would be awesome, i would love to have this up on our main display in the ICT area, for people to keep an eye on ticket response speeds and closure speeds..... this is a key pressure point in our organisation and i could see this report helping to resolve alot of it
3/22/2020 7:02 AM
avatar Hector Bas
Alex, thanks for taking the time to implement this! Although it's not currently very useful for us since we don't have a very high ticket count, but rather "heavy" tickets. What would be useful for us is an addition of a real-time grid that show all tickets that are currently being looked at by all users (customers included if possible). And then also maybe a secondary grid that shows tickets that have been touched in last 30 mins, or something like that. Something that shows "hot" tickets would be useful. The criteria for a "hot" ticket could vary client to client, so maybe something that is configurable. More customization & configuration would be greatly appreciated. :)
3/23/2020 10:18 AM

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