Implemented Suggested 01/10/2018



Out of Office for technicians

To have a "out of office message" for technicians would be great.
We often have the case a technician get's assigned a ticket but he/she isn't available for couple of days.
May the technicians can schedule their absence and get greyed out in dropdown list?

---- OR AT LEAST ------
Add a condition in rule engine as follows “assigned technician has not logged in days ago…” So you’ll be able to unassign tickets from technicians automatically by rule and someone else can handle them.

Interesting because it's a really everyday problem. But I think not easy to develop as useful for many cases... An automatic "out of office" reply to customers can be not a good idea, as customer see the helpdesk team entirely, and expect someone else to be able to take in charge the ticket. So... How to highlight to other technicians tickets where customer replyed, but assigned tech is out of office? I though for some ideas but actually I don't know. Also I don't like unassigning automatically , because can be many tickets and can lead to confusion
14/01/2019 02:42
Hi Stefano, I understand. But what about my suggestion to add a new condition in rule engine as follows “assigned technician has not logged in days ago…” - so every customer can decide if and how to handle such situations?

14/01/2019 03:24
Thank you for implementing this. To make this complete :) , any plans to add API call to enable/disable OoO for a tech via update ?


enableOutOfOffice bool enable/disable OoO status for the user

28/05/2019 04:44

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