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Declined Suggested 3/20/2019 by Jack UTLEY



Send ticket confirmation notification to all subscribers on ticket creation

This new option should be used in conjunction with the “Add emails from CC and TO fields to ticket subscribers” in the email settings.

When on, all subscribers would be notified of the ticket creation not just the original sender.  This would mean any subsequent replies coming from additional subscribers are going to include the {ticketID} in their reply, thus avoiding the duplication of tickets on the same subject.  I think this option would help massively help in reducing the number of duplicate tickets on the same thread from recipients who are subscribed to the same ticketID.

avatar jtlarson
As a workaround, I accomplish this with an automated task that attaches my standard confirmation as a 'reply' to new tickets. This allows me to set different confirmations for new tickets based on their section/category, as well as implement a rudimentary 'spam filter' only sends a response if the ticket owner has a company name assigned (used in conjunction with "Auto-create companies from email-domains" option).
3/26/2019 4:36 PM
They recently added an automation rule for "Send email to all ticket subscribers" that will accomplish this for you as well as jtlarson's need. I'd been requesting it for awhile too. Replying to the ticket works but is a bit ugly to have the ticket received spiel in every ticket.
5/28/2019 3:58 PM
avatar Jack UTLEY
Since you are still considering.....

An alternative control might be, to add some logic which is controlled by a permission flag, which when turned on, checks the list of subscribers for a specific ticketID, and if they post a reply on the same subject but without the {ticketID} to include this as a reply on that ticket? MS Outlook has this logic by default which groups all replies under the same thread as one conversation topic, because all emails share the same subject line. The problem with JitBit is it interferes with the Subject of the email by including the {ticketID} if you are using the "Send ticket confirmations" option. This is not an issue for a classic helpdesk which only receives bi-lateral communication. However, when emails contain many recipients in the TO and CC, the classic behavior of JitBit becomes problematic and ends up splitting the conversation in Outlook for ticket subscribers, as well as creating duplicate tickets for each new reply outside of the Subject line + {ticketID} for techs to manage.

Another Idea, would be to have an option to send the ticket confirmation without appending the {ticketID} in replies and rely on the same threading logic as Email programs and group replies using the Subject line instead? maybe the Unique ticket ID could be embedded in the reply instead of changing the subject of the email?
7/10/2019 10:31 AM
avatar Jack UTLEY
thanks @Jtlarson... just to check I have understood this correctly? You have turned off "Send ticket confirmations" in email settings? but have created an Automation rule which sends an email to all ticket subscribers if the category of the ticket is "x" or the company is "y"? if yes, that makes sense and could work for me as it allows more granular control on when to send a ticket confirmation email.

Now that I think about... it would be a nice enhancement to allow "ticket confirmation" to be more configurable based on a number of parameters. e.g. Only send ticket confirmation if the TO on the email contains ONLY your helpdesk email and has no one else in the TO or in CC. or... Only send ticket confirmation if a specific category has been assigned. I still think JitBit needs the ability to send the ticket confirmation by default to all subscribers when a ticket has been received with many recipients in the TO and CC. Without this everyone else on the thread is not aware that one of the recipients (your helpdesk) is using JitBit and trying to manage replies inside a different system to email. When updates get sent by JitBit there is no visibility of who was in TO and who was in CC and the replies come in addition to the original senders email reply, but without the {ticketID} in the subject which most email clients will treat as a new thread which in turn creates a disjointed conversation for most followers to read!
7/19/2019 11:07 AM

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