Considering Suggested 20/03/2019



Send ticket confirmation notification to all subscribers on ticket creation

This new option should be used in conjunction with the “Add emails from CC and TO fields to ticket subscribers” in the email settings.

When on, all subscribers would be notified of the ticket creation not just the original sender.  This would mean any subsequent replies coming from additional subscribers are going to include the {ticketID} in their reply, thus avoiding the duplication of tickets on the same subject.  I think this option would help massively help in reducing the number of duplicate tickets on the same thread from recipients who are subscribed to the same ticketID.

avatar jtlarson
As a workaround, I accomplish this with an automated task that attaches my standard confirmation as a 'reply' to new tickets. This allows me to set different confirmations for new tickets based on their section/category, as well as implement a rudimentary 'spam filter' only sends a response if the ticket owner has a company name assigned (used in conjunction with "Auto-create companies from email-domains" option).
26/03/2019 16:36
They recently added an automation rule for "Send email to all ticket subscribers" that will accomplish this for you as well as jtlarson's need. I'd been requesting it for awhile too. Replying to the ticket works but is a bit ugly to have the ticket received spiel in every ticket.
28/05/2019 15:58

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