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Queue Manager

Not sure how this one will be received, but let's give it a try :)

I would like to see if we could create a new User Type.  Basically in our on premise environment we have quite a few queues.  We encourage the upper management to manage their queues, but we would like for them to not be able to access all Administrative features.  

We would want them to be able to customize their queue content as needed (colors, fonts, default messages when receiving a new ticket or sending an update, but not be able to delete tickets, users or change their queue exchange settings.  Basically anything a true administrator should handle we would want for them to not have the option for that (for example, everything under the Advanced Section)

Cary Landers
It would be nice to take away email settings and the more technical stuff from users that admin rights but some users use the workflows. I am not sure that I want my users to change the colors. The CEO likes to brand the look and feel.
8/26/2019 2:47 PM
I am very supportive of this idea too. We have simulated queues in our JitBit by creating logical users as technicians with queue names. but I would like to see a much better queue management workflow and assignment in JitBit to allow routing of tickets to different desks or team, with the ability to view queues using filters and monitor or measure queue waiting times etc.
12/12/2019 9:42 AM
James Pearce
agreed, something is required in between admin & technician.
4/6/2022 2:47 AM
It sounds usefull for me too.
What we need for some of our specialist possibility is to change a date of tickets they created and change a spent time value for tickets which are assigned to them.
4/12/2022 7:14 PM

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