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MS SQL questions


1. I’ve some doubts on the MS Sql licensing.
Jibit offering unlimited agents, which means all the agents can login and manage the system. Does that mean I need to purchase 50 MS SQL License if I have 50 jibit agents? How about end users?

2. Location to store ticket attachment. Where actually Jibit keep the attached file (e.g. pdf, excel…. Etc)? is it store directly in SQL table?

3. Can Jibit connect to other Database Engines? MySql for example


1. Jitbit Helpdesk uses just one "database user" account to connect to the database. However, MS licensing is tricky. They don't count "database users", they might want you to buy a license for every actual user who uses the application. You might want to look at "core" licensing that does not count users, but processor cores. Also, note that the free SQL Express edition should work fine in most cases. You'll think about licensing once your database gets big (4GB of data, and that's not going to happen soon).

2. Attachments are stored in the database, yes, but there are way to move them to disk. You'll find this key in the web.config: <add key="AttachmentsPath" value="c:\xxx\yyy" /> Point it to the right folder and that's it. Just make sure the folder has "write" permissions for the account that runs the app process.

3. No, sorry, only MS SQL Server is supported
Creation date: 11/6/2017 6:36 AM ()      Updated: 11/6/2017 12:37 PM ()
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