Multiple repeat loops and if iteration


I have setup a macro with two repeat loops. Both loops contain an equal set of if iteration equals statements.

Both loops repeat say 8 times.
Both loops contain 8 if iteration equals statements, one statement for each repeat. The first one say "if iteration equals 1" the second say "if iteration equals 2" and so forth.
Depending on the result of each if statement, the macro repeat the same loop or jump to the other loop. And they are meant to continue this many times, back and forth.

The problem is that the repeat loops doesn't seem to reset their iteration count when I use EXIT LOOP.
This means that if the macro exit loop 1 at iteration 4, and goto the other loop for a while, when it comes back to loop 1, it doesn't begin at iteration 1, it continues were it left of.
I can't use the macro if this happens.

Can you help me?
I need the loops to reset every time the macro jumps from one loop to the other, so that they always start at the beginning.

Kind regards
Svein Daniel

Having a RESET ITERATION COUNT statement would have been GREAT!
I think that would solve this beautifully.

I see I could use the clipboard value to archieve this, BUT. I much prefer not to involve the clipboard. Can you please make a RESET ITERATION COUNT statement for the REPEAT X TIMES statement?

Kind regards
Svein Daniel

Thanks for reporting, we'll reset the iteration counter when exiting loop.

Great! Thanks.
That solves my problem.
But maybe sometimes it is good that the iteration doesn't reset? Having the option to choose if it should reset or not might be good, either inside the edit command dialog of a spesific repeat loop or with a reset statement.

When will the update be released?

We fixed this today, please check on your side