change version from free to paid

Hi we are going to purchase the single user license for the webforum. We have installed and tested the free version and have made changes to the CSS and master pages. Is there a way to activate an installed free version to a paid one? Or do we need to install the paid version from scratch?
Thank you in advance for the clarification.
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Robert Lucarini

Hi Robert. You need to install the paid version, but you can keep your CSS files.

Hi thank you for your response. We also made changes to a couple of .aspx pages such as the master pages. Can we use the modified pages too with the paid version?

Yes, it should work, you got to try. The main thing is DLL files in the bin folder.

Hi Max, Thank you for the response. One more question regarding the free to paid migration. Can we use the same DB tables created in the free version?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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Yes, it should also work.