Jitbit POP & IMAP Calls interval


We have an instance of JITBIT that we use heavily and it is currently putting heavy strain on our email system.  Based on our email logs we see Jitbit making about 4 POP calls per minute (5400/day). Can we adjust the setting if we want the timeframe to be longer?


In the on-premise version you can slow down POP/IMAP mail-checker by adding this to "web.config" file (the "appSettings" section):

 <add key="mailCheckerInterval" value="60" />

This will set the interval to 60 seconds.

Important: on version 10.x and higher this setting should be placed into the "appsettings.json" file:

"mailCheckerInterval": "60",

The SaaS-version however does not offer anything like that.
Creation date: 2/12/2021 4:08 AM (Alex)      Updated: 11/17/2021 4:35 PM (Alex)
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