Email doesn't create a ticket

If an email sent to the helpdesk doesn't create a ticket:

1. Make sure the email gets to the support mailbox, the helpdesk program receives and deletes it or marks it read. You can use your mail server's log for checking this.

2. Make sure that the sender has a user account with your helpdesk or that your helpdesk accepts emails from unregistered users. And if the user is present - make sure the user is ENABLED, otherwise his emails would be dropped and won't create any tickets.

3. Make sure email notifications are enabled both globally (Administration > Email settings) and in the user account.

4. Make sure the email is not sent by a robot (e.g. mailer-daemon, postmaster, etc.), and it's Subject line does not contain delivery status, out-of-office notifications and other common autoresponder terms; the helpdesk program filters those out, i.e. deletes the messages without creating tickets from them.

P.S. If you're using the "self-hosted" verison of the app you can add this to the web.config to disable the filtering completely:

<add key="disableUselessMessageFilter" value="true" />

Inside the "appSettings" section.
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