Email notification incident

Today, June 26th, due to a critical error in deployment email notifications from different Hosted Helpdesk instances were leaking to other admins in the system.

Admins from all helpdesk instances (where the "notify admins of new tickets" setting is enabled) in the system were receiving new ticket notifications about new tickets created between 12:11 EST and 12:16 EST (300 seconds in total).

Basically, some helpdesk ADMINS were receiving emails, that should be addressed to other ADMINS. Because one of our devs deployed a routing module without properly testing it.

We've disabled the services and fixed the error as quickly as we could. We've also cleared the email queue so some part of the emails were not sent to unintended recipients. These emails DID NOT have "autologin" links in them, so noone can access your helpdesk.

These were only "new ticket" notifications. You MAY have seen replies from other helpdesk administrators in your tickets to us, but that's because people were simply replying to those wrong messages via email

To Jitbit admins: Check all the tickets created in your systems between 12:11 EST and 12:16 EST for confidential info that might have been leaked.

Needless to say, we do realize that this is a catastrophic screw-up on our side and we doing our best to mitigate the effects.

We will keep updating the article in realtime please refresh the page.

An email with all the details is coming your way now.

Here's the link to the email if you missed it

LAST UPDATE: It'e been a week since the incident, we won't be updating this articles again and we'll un-publish it in the next month. Please make sure you read the above email if you missed it.
Creation date: 6/26/2017 12:59 PM ()      Updated: 7/1/2017 11:41 AM ()
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