New Suggested 2/14/2020 by Tim Stapp



Supervisor Approval Process



We are encountering situations where we need supervisor’s approval before giving users access to certain areas on the network.  This can sometimes take several days to get, and often happens outside of the our Help Desk or when the supervisor submits a separate ticket.  We are wondering if there was a way to request supervisor approval through the JitBit Helps Desk?  Like having an option to request supervisor approval that automatically gets their supervisor from Azure AD and then adds them to the ticket and asks for their approval.  This could save us time, and help create easier communication.

David Ferber
I support this idea with a couple additional thoughts. Something like a "needs approval" flag. The tech would set that flag then select a user that needs to approve it (it's not always direct supervisor in our case). The selected approver gets an email and can approve/deny and add any additional comments. Right now, a lot of the approval process happens outside the ticket so it's harder to keep track and there is less visibility to the submitter on who or why denied their request.
2/10/2023 4:22 PM
Dave E
I support this too. More of the request can be kept within the ticket versus sending a separate email to the approver.
4/17/2023 6:53 PM

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