New Suggested 10/8/2020 by Jack Chung



Multiple outgoing SMTP accounts

We use multiple incoming emails plus different email address per ticket category. However, all outgoing emails are sent from the same account (even with From name override). As a result, all sent mails are stored in the same Sent folder of that one account. It would be nice to separate them into different outgoing email accounts.

James Pearce
Yes please, every time there is a short outage on the smtp server the helpdesk throws a hissy fit. a simple secondary would solve the issue.
4/6/2022 2:45 AM
I need this as well. We will have different teams handling tickets in different categories. We need responses in one category to have a different "FROM" than tickets sent from a different category
5/18/2022 1:35 PM
2/20/2024 1:44 AM

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