New Suggested 6/3/2022 by Jomarcel Nguyen



Ability to adjust technician working hours

Currently technicians are only able to switch Out of Office on and off manually. A feature of adjusting technician working hours can make it easier for the tech to let the team know they are gone for the day or if they are available. It will be easier than manually turning off OOO when they start their shift and turning on OOO when they are done with their shift.

This would also affect how the auto-assign feature works. For 'round-robin' or 'assign least busy', it doesn't include Out of Office techs. So having adjusted tech hours will take it into consideration as well.

The ability to have granular technician hours/work days would be helpful with team of different dynamics. For example, a team that has tech that only work M/W/F would not get auto-assigned a ticket on a Tuesday/Thursday. That tech does not have to constantly remember to turn on or off Out of Office.

Thank you!

Michael Milnes
This please... I have an international team that sit in 5 different time zones. Would be great to have this in place so I could make sure the right locations got tickets answered in time by techs in their areas.
6/6/2022 8:08 AM
Josh Lee
This would be great - I'd also love to see the ability to schedule OOO ahead of time so it doesn't need to be manually changed when someone goes on PTO / comes back.
Yesterday, 1:10 PM

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