New Suggested 11/2/2020 by David-H. Mercier



Group of users access for Categories

When you create/edit a category, you can specify who can access that category: everyone, technicians or specific users. I think it would be useful to have another option : Group of users.

If we could add users to a group, it would be faster to give them access to a particular category instead of having to add them one by one. Also, if a new user is created, the admin has to manually add them to each category. If he could simply add the user to the group, the user would automatically have access to the designated content.

User groups would be very helpful, especially for onboarding new staff. I would love to be able to add a new member to a group which would grant them all the necessary permissions/categories rather than having to individually add the user to each category one-by-one.
11/30/2023 1:28 PM
Shannon Girouard
Having the ability to assign a company or department to a category would all a method of managing technicians by groups. It would also need to have the ability assign multiple group assignments.
2/29/2024 12:46 PM
Vitaly Purtov
Would like to have - users moving between department and ability to assign Security Group to a Category - would be best option to have.
4/22/2024 4:40 PM

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