New Suggested 9/9/2021 by Lars Öbom



Expandable dropdown list when changing category in the ticket view


We are using Jitbit to support multiple customers, that each have their own section and lots of categories.
This means that the current dropdown list for changing category gets very long and hard to overlook.
There is also a risk of choosing the wrong category since the category names are similar in different sections.

Suggested solution:

It would be great if you could use the expandable dropdown list (used in the new ticket view) in the ticket view right column as well.

Choosing section first and then the category would really improve the day to day work in our Servicedesk.

It does do this, but we found it was only once you have 4 different category sections to choose from.
Unfortunately most of our clients will usually only have 2 or 3 available to them and yes the list gets long quickly.
I would love to be able to turn this on once there is 2 categories sections available
12/3/2021 5:28 AM

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