Real-time updates in Jitbit

Starting with version 9 we've implemented real-time updates to Jitbit. Productivity has always been one of our main focuses. Making your job, as a technician, easier is the purpose of Jitbit. Now you don't need to constantly refresh the page to see new tickets and replies - most of the data you see is always recent.

Currently, the following things are updated in real-time:

Main ticket list
  • New tickets will appear instantly
  • Most of the ticket counts in the menu bar are updated
  • The following info on the existing tickets is updated: subject, category, badges (upd by customer, etc.), assignee username
  • Updated ticket will be moved on the top if you are using the default sorting by last updated time
  • If other techs are viewing a ticket you will see this "eye" icon:

Ticket view
So far only two things are updated in real-time:
  • All new replies (including system ones) appear instantly
  • You will see when another technician enters the ticket you are in - a note will appear above the ticket subject

Browser requirements
All desktop browsers are supported starting with IE 8. However, if you need solid performance and reliability, IE 10+ is recommended. Currently, most of the features do not work on mobile devices when using web UI.
Creation date: 8/22/2017 12:57 PM      Updated: 8/22/2017 1:41 PM
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