How to report bugs - Problem Steps Recorder

If you want to report a bug or have a question you can use Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) - a built-in Windows tool. This tools takes screenshots with text description on each mouse click. The resulting .mht file has all the information that we need to reproduce and resolve your issue. Using PSR is really easy for you and is the best way for us to help you quickly.

Here is the official manual from Microsoft: Record steps to reproduce a problem

Recording your steps is really easy:

1. Launch PSR. Open the Start menu and type "PSR". Click on Steps Recorder.
2. Make sure that there are no sensitive information on any of your monitors. PSR screenshots the entire screen on all monitors and there is no way to change that.
3. Click "Start Record".
4. Do what needs to be done to reproduce the issue.
5. After reproducing the issue make sure that you click anywhere. Otherwise the last screen won't be captured.
6. Press "Stop record". Review the result and send in back to us.

Thanks for cooperation.
Creation date: 8/29/2017 1:23 PM      Updated: 8/29/2017 1:23 PM
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