Scheduling macro in Windows 10


I am using windows 10. I can run the macro as an exe just fine but when call it from task scheduler It does not run.


Macro has to run in the foreground as the signed on user. Please adjust the settings for the task in Windows Scheduler and reschedule the task; it should now run as expected.

If the above fails... Consider creating a cmd / bat file with the command 

MacroRecorder.exe "c:\Macro Recorder\macro.mcr" /a

The "/a" switch instructs Macro Recorder not just to open the file, but to launch playback right away. 

You can optionally add the "/c" switch as well, so macro recorder will close after playback is finished.

Then run the batch file from the scheduler.
Creation date: 11/30/2017 11:25 AM      Updated: 5/29/2020 12:21 PM