Running a macro on a disconnected remote PC

Normally, Macro Recorder won't run on a remote computer once the user is disconnected from it; the computer's screen turns black, and the mouse clicks no longer go through. Here is what you can do to solve this.

First, run the following batch file, make the ammendment for ACTIVE SESSION ID which you can found using "query Session" command.

@echo off
query session
ping -n 10

:: change Can replace the active seasion here "tscon "ID" /dest:console"
tscon 2 /dest:console


Now we got the screen active and mouse clicks working. But there is another issue, MacroRecorder can't find the image we have set up using the Remote Desktop Connection session. The solution is to install the Free Splashtop Remote Desktop app.

Once done with that, just follow this simple path to complete:

a) Start Tscon batch file and Disconnect RDC.

b) Then remortly start SplashTop. This app has a feature that allows you to access inside the Tscon session without disturbing Tscon itself.

c) Now you can select the image you want to find and finish your work.

That's it.

The solution was kindly offered by our valued user.