Exception in Macro Recorder using FIND IMAGE


I am currently evaluating JitBit Macro Recorder and keep getting an exception when using the commands FIND IMAGE and IF IMAGE. It seems to occur when it cannot find the specified image on the screen. Debug info is copy/pasted below.


Macro Recorder was running in the virtual server. I have only experienced this once so far. After I have worked a little more with it, I have found out the if I minimize the window containing remote desktop, then the virtual server running remote desktop should go into GUI-less mode by default. It could be this loss of GUI that triggered the exception.

I have changed the windows registry setting on the connecting computer now so it does not put the virtual server into GUI-less mode, and this seems to have "fixed" the problem. Or at least the exception does not appear, since there still is a GUI. (the fix is described here: http://smartbear.com/support/viewarticle/18731/ )