Problems with IF statment

I need to configure the IF statment to not only "EQUALS to.." but I also need a "GREATER THAN..." and "LESS THAN...". This are pretty simple functions that I couldn't see implemented anywere..

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. We'll see what we can do here.

This feature is already present, please upgrade to the latest version.

Oh, perhaps might be that, currently I click the "check for upgrades..." but nothing happens, this was registered under another email, I've version, how can I upgrade it ?
Thank you for your prompt reply!

It's the latest version. If you click the "IF text in clipboard equals" you'll find the option "Greater than the value specified"

I see, but that's a value in the clipboard, and I wanted to only be able to depend upon a value that it isn't so easy to change, in this case i was needing a IF NUMBER OF ITERATIONS GREATER THAN and IF NUMBER OF ITERATIONS LESSER THAN.. regarding the IF inside iterations.
Thank you!