Official backup/restore procedure

1. Backing up JitBit Helpdesk

To backup your copy of the Helpdesk application:

1. Backup the database by running the command on the SQL Server:
BACKUP DATABASE JitbitHelpDesk TO DISK='E:\backup.bak'

2. Backup the folder where the application is installed.

2. Restoring JitBit Helpdesk from backup

To restore the Helpdesk application from backup:

1. Restore the application folder from the backup file.

2. Restore the database by running the command:
RESTORE DATABASE JitbitHelpDesk FROM DISK = 'E:\backup.bak'

Note: Replace the DISK value with the actual path to the backup file in your system.

Note: also please note, that most of the settings are stored in the database, but some of the application settings are stored in the application-folder, the "web.config" file (i.e. - the database connection string).
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