Helpdesk change log and release schedule

All new Helpdesk features, improvements and bug fixes can be found here:

Hosted version
Hosted version customers get all changes way earlier than the server version customers. We deploy new changes to the hosted version daily. Often multiple times a day. However, the changelog is not updated until we release a new version for the self-hosted customers. We post most notable changes on our twitter account at the time we deploy them: Follow us if you don't want to wait for the changelog.

Server version
We don't have set dates for new on-premises releases, but usually we release a new version about every month. We may release it sooner if there are critical bugs, or later if we need time to finish some big feature. You can find the upgrade manual here:!!!helpdesk-software-readme.htm#upgrade
Creation date: 12/15/2015 1:48 PM      Updated: 10/17/2023 5:34 PM
Jitbit Helpdesk ticketing system is our flagship product. Its a great helpdesk software app offered both as a hosted and "on-premise" versions.