SAML integration with Azure Active Directory

Jitbit Hosted Helpdesk supports SAML integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, please find the setup instructions on Microsoft's website here:

Basically this is what your settings screen should look like:

However you might run into trouble when configuring Azure SAML integration with your self-hosted Helpdesk installation or sometimes even the hosted installation that uses a "custom domain".

You might be getting this error:
Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in.
We received a bad request.

Additional technical information:
Correlation ID: 08895d59-0247-4582-9a70-3e05184e125f
Timestamp: 2016-01-06 21:55:04Z
AADSTS50011: The reply address 'https://xxxxxxxxx/helpdesk/Saml/Consume' does not match the reply addresses configured for the application.

Or you might be getting this error when editing setting in Azure:

If you're using a custom domain - make sure you use it in the "REPLY URL" setting, not the "*"

Unfortunately we have no control over our listing in the Azure catalog, it is Microsoft who maintains these settings.

For the server on-premises installation you can add the app manually as follows

Solution - creating a custom "on-premises app" in azure
  1. Go to "Enterprise applications"
  2. "Add"
  3. "Non-gallery application"
  4. Type a name, just something you can remember later
  5. Click "Add"
  6. Wait until the app is created
  7. Click "configure single sign on"
  8. Select "SAML single sign on"
  9. Enter "" into "Entity ID/Identifier" field
  10. Enter "https://YOUR_HELPDESK_ADDRESS/Saml/Consume" into the "Reply URL field" (please note the https prefix!! Also, don't forget to add the "/helpdesk/" part in the "YOUR_HELPDESK_ADDRESS" - if needed (it is need on our hosted version, but we can't tell for your server)
  11. Click "create new certificate"
  12. After everything is set up, download the certificate in Base64 format and copy-paste its contents into Jitbit Helpdesk settings (well, you know the drill)


  1. When creating a custom app make sure you have "https" in your "Reply URL" and that you use HTTPS for your helpdesk app, because Azure does not support "http" connections when working with SAML. And it will throw a very misleading error, something like this "The reply address 'http://my_server:51030/Saml/Consume' does not match the reply addresses configured for the application: ''." which has nothing to do with the actual error - that you forgot the HTTPS prefix.

  2. If you have a custom domain name, e.g., please make sure that your SAML settings reflect that domain name and not your original third-level domain name
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