Handling tickets for multiple companies and brands

Every user in the helpdesk application can have a "company" assigned to him/her.

This way, you can group users by "companies" for later reporting, filtering, search etc. etc.

As you also know, helpdesk app automatically creates users when an inbound email arrives (if the user is not yet present in the system). You can assign an "email domain" for a company, and all users created from that domain emails will be automatically assigned to that company.

Handling tickets for multiple brands.

For example, if your company sells multiple products under different names.

Supporting multiple brands with JitBit Helpdesk is easier than you may think it is; there are just 5 areas to be covered:
  1. Brand — define the brand and create "folders" (ticket categories) for the brand-related issues.
  2. Issue types — define the issue types that can be posted to the brand-related folders.
  3. Access — define who can post new tickets to those folders and who can handle the issues.
  4. Email — define the brand-specific email address.
  5. Automation — define automation rule that would help you process incoming messages.

Let's take a closer look at each of these areas.


1. In the Ticket categories section on the Administration tab, create a section for each brand.

2. On the same page, create one ticket category in each section for receiving new tickets (the company’s default category).

Issue types

3. Create other ticket categories in each section for handling tickets.

Note: For each ticket category, you can define the set of custom fields to appear on the New ticket page. Custom fields can be created in the respective section on the Administration tab.


- For each ticket category, you can define whether the category is visible to all or just certain users, e.g. to users from a certain company.

- For each ticket category, you can define the list of technicians that are allowed to handle tickets in that category.

Both these settings can be defined in the ticket category properties, which can be accessed by clicking on the category title.

Email and routing

4. For each company-related ticket category, set up the From email address to be used in email notifications for the company. This is also done on the ticket category properties page; to proceed, select the Use a different "from" address for email-notifications in this category option and then enter the desired email address in the field that appears.

Note: Please make sure that your SMTP server allows sending messages with the specified address in the From line.

In the Email settings section on the Administration tab, create an email account for each brand and link it to the default category of the brand. To link the email account to the default category, select the respective ticket category on the account setup screen.


6. If necessary, create automation rule(s) that would automatically move new tickets from the default category to the target ones based on various criteria. Automation rules can be configured in the respective section on the Administration tab.
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