MS Teams Integration


We are looking at using this for three different departments, as it would provide a better solution for our IT department (less to manage, and we can do the automation ourselves to free them up).  I’ve been testing the built-in MS Teams integration, but is it possible to have more than one Teams channel linked? Ideally, we would like to be able to notify a purchasing channel if a purchasing ticket is entered or notify the warehouse if one of their tickets is entered.  Is that possible?


We don't have built-in support for this.

But as a workaround you can use Automation Rules for this. Get a webhook URL for each channel in MS Teams, then set up a rule that sends an HTTP-request when a ticket is created (for example) and assign the two webhook URLs for these rules.

Go to "Admin - Automation rules - Create" set up a trigger, some conditions (optional) and use the "send http request" action.
Creation date: 9/8/2022 6:17 PM      Updated: 9/8/2022 6:17 PM
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