Customizing your ticket statuses

Statuses are an important part of Jitbit. They are the core part of the ticket lifecycle. By default tickets in Jitbit have three statuses: new, in progress and closed. Here is what they mean:

New – a ticket was submitted but none of the technicians have replied or took over it yet.
In progress – these tickets are in the process of being resolved – techs are interacting with the ticket submitter
Closed – the ticket has been resolved and closed. Closed tickets can be reopened, in which case the go back to the "In progress" status.

Default statuses are a core part of Jitbit – you cannot change or delete them.

However you can add as many custom statuses as you want. Just go to the admin panel – Custom statuses. Custom statuses let you add additional steps to the ticket lifecycle. A good example of that would be "waiting for customer response" status when you're waiting for more information from your users. You don't want to close tickets like this, but you also do not want these tickets cluttering your queue, because you actually don't have to do anything with it.

Custom statuses have three properties: a status name, a caption of the button that moves to this status and if a status is for techs only or not. If a status is not for techs only, customers will be able to put their tickets in that status.

One last thing you can do with custom statuses is assign them to specific categories. By default all your custom statuses are available for all ticket categories, but you can assign them to only be visible if a ticket is in a specific category.
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