Customize help desk design to match your branding

You can change how your help desk looks to match your branding. Jitbit includes many public-facing pages that your visitors can see, like Knowledge base, for example. You may want to change the design so it look like a part of your web site. We offer a variety of customization settings – you will find them on the General Settings page in the admin panel.


You can change five different colors. They will allow you to customize the header part of Jitbit – the one that is dark blue by default. All the text and background colors are customizable. However these changes do not affect everything that is below the header. We used neutral colors specifically so that the rest of the app looks good despite the header colors you choose.

When you use the color-pickers to change colors on the General Settings page you will see the changes reflected live in the Jitbit header. There is no need to refresh the page to see the result.

Logo image and favicon

Jitbit allows you to upload your logo. It will be displayed in the top left corner before the help desk title. We automatically resize the logo image to be 90 pixels high saving the proportions. So, small images with not many details work best here.

The default Jitbit favicon is the help desk logo on a dark blue background. If you want, you can upload your custom icon. It should be a square-shaped PNG image. Please keep it small too – the recommended dimensions are 32x32 pixels.

Custom CSS

This is a powerful, but a very advanced, feature. If you have web developers at hand, you can add your custom CSS styles. Using custom CSS you can change anything you want about the Jitbit looks – there are absolutely no limits. However, please be vary, adding your CSS code may break some functionality. Especially if you try to hide some elements that may be crucial for Jitbit operation.
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