How companies work in Jitbit?

In Jitbit users can be assigned to companies. It is very useful if do customer support for multiple companies. There are several things you can do:

Assign managers

Manager is a special user that can see all ticket submitted by people from their company. He can also write replies and close these tickets. Many companies have supervisors that need to see and control all requests from their users. You can make them managers in their user profiles in the permissions section.

Allow everyone to see all tickets within their companies

There is a setting called "Allow users from the same company see each other's tickets" in general settings. It may be useful to prevent users from submitting duplicate tickets since they would be able to see that it was already submitted.

See stats by company

If you set up companies in Jitbit you will be able to use Companies statistics report. It shows the number of submitted and closed tickets, your average response and resolution times and more. You can also see quick stats for a company, if you click on its name anywhere in Jitbit

Filter tickets by company

You can show only tickets from a specific company by using filters in the left sidebar on the main ticket grid page.

Assign email domain to a company

To make using companies easier, we've added a feature that will help you automate the process. You can assign an email domain to a company. For example you can enter "" in the email domain property in the company settings page. After that, every new and existing user with email like that will be automatically assigned to that company

Extracting companies from email automatically

Jitbit can even automatically extract companies from email domains without you having to configure anything. When an email comes from a non-free domain, say, "" - the help desk app will automaGically create a company named "Lucasarts" and assign users to it. This feature works only if two or more users email you from the same domain, so it doesn't get in your way... And you can disable it completely if you don't like it.
Creation date: 7/27/2016 2:04 PM      Updated: 10/18/2018 3:15 AM
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