"For technicians only" by default


Is it possible to have the "For technicians only" box checked by default instead of unchecked, when replying to a support ticket? This is to prevent that technicians will accidentally send sensitive information to the users.


Yes it is.

However, there's no built-in setting for this. You will have to add custom JavaScript in the admin panel, that will simply check this box on page load. 

Go to Administration > General Settings and click the Advanced CSS and JS link. Then add the following code to Custom JavaScript:

$(function() { $('#divNewComment #cbTechsOnly').prop('checked', true).trigger('change') });

You can also enable this setting in Admin - Email settings toggle the box Only send updates to subscribers when sent by techs (essentially marks all email replies "for technicians only" enabling this setting will mark all incoming email messages as "for technicians only" and won't send any emails to all ticket subscribers (to prevent leaking sensitive info).

Check out all the email settings you can adjust here: https://support.jitbit.com/helpdesk/help/adminemail.htm#email_api
Creation date: 2/24/2017 5:02 AM      Updated: 3/16/2022 2:40 AM
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