Use 'From Name' for all outgoing messages


Despite that we have disabled the Use 'From Name' for all outgoing messages setting, replies from our techs still show the email From name of our "Support Team". We expected this to have the technicians name in the From name in the email response.


When you disable the Use 'From Name' for all outgoing messages setting, email notifications are sent with the technician name and your support address in the From line.

When you enable the setting, all email notifications will have "Support Team" or whatever name you have specified for your support address.

If toggling the setting doesn't change anything, please see if your SMTP server or email client auto-corrects the sender by the email address. You can find this out from the SMTP log, email client settings, or in the message source.
Creation date: 3/13/2017 3:32 PM      Updated: 1/3/2024 12:54 PM
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