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Considering Suggested 1/13/2020



Allowed option to default search to search message replies and attachment names

When you perform a ticket search, by default it doesn't search replies and ticket attachment names. This causes some people to stop searching for their tickets. Give an option in sys admin to allow these to be searched by default. The system says it will be slow, but we have a VERY fast server and we'd like to have this be the default option for the system administrator to set so people will find the results they're looking for in their past tickets.

avatar Hector Bas
Or/and at least cache settings for previous searches.
1/20/2020 2:08 PM
avatar Andreas
It would be very useful optional option for the administrator to default the search to include:
Search for the term in replies as well (slow)
Search in attachment names as well
Custom fields data

We are experiencing the same situation that technicians tend not to use search because the “Search for the term in replies as well (slow)” and “Search in attachment names as well” and “Custom fields data” are not included.
Users expect the search to work as google search. On field search to search for all the data.

If the advanced search is heavy on the servers perhaps You could consider this option for the clients that have the "on-premise" version.

Our technicians often have to search for the custom field value.
It would be great improvement to the Search function if the Custom fields data would be included to the main search results.
I have submitted Search function improvement related idea, please read also my submitted idea:
Search function improvement: Include the “Custom fields” data to the main search results.
3/10/2020 8:06 AM
avatar Hector Bas
Hi all, I made adjustments to my custom JS script a while back to add support for something like this. Basically, I am overriding the built-in "DoSearch" method as well as the search dialog itself to automatically include certain parameters in the navigated URL link. You can easily adjust these for your needs, simply make a search and take what you need out of the returned URL. Below is a link to a gist I created on this topic:

5/26/2020 4:38 PM

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