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New Suggested 3/4/2020 by Joseph D. Ratzloff



Allow Admins to NOT be technicians on all categories

We've worked hard to get our categories structured with the proper permissions.   Further, our admins use separate accounts to administer Jitbit than they do for their normal work.   We're regulated and admin activity is separately auditable.

Since Admins are considered technicians in every category, our administrators appear available for ticket assignment in every single category all the time.   I believe that an administrator of a system should be consider a role for maintentance and not necessarily a technician.   Admins can create rules and see everything perhaps, but that is arguably distinctly different from being a technician that can work tickets.  

Our helpdesk covers not just IT but also operations.  In the current setup, our admins in IT get tickets assigned to them from operational groups for which they should not be an option.

Please considering separating the functions at least optionally.

avatar Henry Siy
this is also a compliance finding since some ticket coming from the different departments are confidential, (HR, Finance department). I suggest ADMIN account should be focusing on the backend by default, this is a ticketing system and a lot of information is shared on this platform. should the admin account need access to departments ticket. it should follow the same procedure as adding them to the list. For now we have no other choice to disable them but to include this in our mitigation plan as ACCEPTED RISK. I hope this makes sense.
6/4/2020 12:32 AM

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