Implemented Suggested 10/5/2020 by Martin Hoffmann



TimeSpent audit log


It would be great to see which tech has added/changed the "TimeSpent" field.
This could be displayed as systemmessages at the ticket detailed view and could help the techs to see if there added all times to her ticket or to a ticket which are handled by multiple techs.


Martin Hoffmann
Just to make clear, i did not want to see this changes at the report -> "audit log".
I want to see the changes at the ticket page like:

"New ticket submitted via Email"
10/5/2020 3:35 PM
It will be great, to have time separated by status and technician. In our organization we need to understand by account and technician
7/6/2023 1:24 PM
Mike Dominik
I like this as well. I just created a ticket to allow time spent at the comments level so we can see that detail but this may also solve that issue.
10/4/2023 12:23 PM
Jen Hinkel
yes, time spent PER TECH would be an excellent addition!
1/8/2024 6:47 PM
Jackie W
Allowing each tech assigned to a ticket to enter separate time spent, then having a Total Time Spent per ticket would be great to have.
1/26/2024 10:30 AM
Max Tech
Hi! Added the following:

Show changes in "time spent" made by a tech or by an automation rules in the ticket feed. Auto timer changes are not shown
6/13/2024 3:34 PM

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