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New Suggested 4/6/2021 by Matthew Aubrey



Create dependant list based on Company

I think it would be a great addition to extend the dependant list functionality so you can have lists that are driven off the company raising the ticket.

For Example - If you have 20 different solutions you market, this functionality would allow you to only offer the list of solutions that are relevant for the company raising the ticket.

This intern allows for much more reliable self classification of tickets

Matthew Aubrey
Hi - I just wanted to follow up to see if this could be considered shortly?

My C.E.O is chasing for an update on this as we want to roll HelpDesk out to 2 other areas of our business, but not being able to do this is holding up the approval for doing this.

Thanks in advance.

4/26/2021 7:22 AM
Alex Tech
Still undecided, sorry, no estimated time. Currently the workaround would be to create a custom field named "company" and then create dependent field "product"
5/6/2021 10:55 AM
Matthew Aubrey
Thanks, Alex - The problem with the Workaround, is that will allow all other companies to have visibility of your company list when raising a ticket. (Something we would not want our customers seeing).

This idea is to allow a dependant list based directly on the company of the user that is raised the ticket.
5/6/2021 11:07 AM
Matthew Aubrey
Hi Alex - I just wanted to follow up to see if there was any further update on this request.

As detailed previously we want to roll HelpDesk out to 2 other areas of our business, and this is the final piece of the puzzle. Really struggling to find any workable workaround without this in place.
8/27/2021 4:34 AM

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