New Suggested 6/22/2021 by Dimitar Valchev



Expand "Time Spent" Functionality

The idea is to have multiple timers - one for each ticket status.

This way the administrators will be able to see how much time each ticket has spent:
- before it was assigned to or taken by somebody
- in progress
- on hold or while being blocked by external parties/events

Great idea! Would help to build up different SLAs using the automation rules e.g. Time to own, Respond time, Resolution time, etc. Really useful for ITIL processes.
6/29/2021 7:24 AM
When updating ticket, would it be worth adding the time spent to the comments (reply)
So you could see how long each action has taken.
(a total sum of each of the comments time would add up to the time stored against the ticket)
Might be worth a slight bit of a UI change to allow manipulation of the time for a reply instead of the total ticket.
5/9/2022 11:54 PM
Mark Shear
I would love this type of thing. Our org does 'time in motion' studies and if jitbit could create multiple timers then this would work perfectly, and each timer could be assigned a relevant categories, so for example, my first timer is 30 mins for a meeting, another time is 30 mins for travel, and another for 1hr planning etc etc. All the tickets make up a total time. We could then report individually within a task for each category and also across all tickets to see what exactly is taking up the time spent on our tickets.

I also see the current timer is not completely accurate, potentially we're doing something wrong but when a user opens the ticket the timer starts but when they come back to the ticket (just minimised) the ticket time is out against the real time that has taken place.
6/8/2023 6:03 AM
Adrien Smondack
This could be done by a « time counter » custom field type. By default the field could be started manually or by an automation rule.
6/27/2023 3:38 AM
It will be great, to have time separated by status and technician. In our organization we need to understand by account and technician
7/6/2023 1:23 PM
Rajesh Patel
It would be great to see the time stamp per status as that can help in reporting with metrics like top 5 tickets sitting with "Waiting for customer" status for more than internal SLA (Example 3 days).
8/28/2023 4:13 PM
Mike Dominik
Time spent at the comment level would be helpful.
9/27/2023 6:36 PM
R George
Having the tech manually enter hours spent even if a timer is not available is an option to help track hours per tech per ticket is a benefit.
12/14/2023 8:59 AM
Jen Hinkel
add me to the list of users wanting TIME SPENT to track PER TECH!
1/8/2024 6:46 PM
Jackie W
Count me in for being able to track time spent PER TECH. Love the ability to assign multiple techs to a ticket, but really need to be able to separate out their individual time. Also like the suggestions here for separating time by ticket status as well.
1/26/2024 10:27 AM
Ronik Chakraborty
Under "helpdesk/Admin/GeneralSettings" we have "Disable automatic 'time spent' clock on the ticket page" with "Advanced..." option.

It would be helpful, If we can add more customization options to start automatic 'time spent' clock like on creation or may be certain status to trigger automatic 'time spent' clock.

The other useful option for "automatic time spent clock" would be to start/stop/pause the clock with automation action.
6/18/2024 12:32 PM

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