New Suggested 05/12/2018



Add additional subscribers when creating tickets


We only allow ticket submission via the web app or mobile phone application. Unfortunately this means we can't add subscribers until after the ticket is submitted.

I think it'd be beneficial to be able to add additional subscribers during the ticket creation. This could be nested under the "Advanced" tab on that page. 

Yes, there are some of our customers that for every ticket add suddenly a reply just for adding another user (of the same company).
14/01/2019 02:44
My clients have been crying about this for more than a year now. Please upvote!
17/01/2019 04:11
avatar Alex Tech
Should we add this for technicians only or for regular users too?
12/03/2019 19:14
Both would be what we'd like.
12/03/2019 19:28

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