New Suggested 12/11/2018 by Sean Fichera



More Options to see another users tickets

We currently have the ability to allow users to see others tickets if they are a part of the same "Company"

Can we have the ability to allow users to see others tickets if they are part of the same "Department" and/or "Location"

We are one company and don't support any other company and our Active Directory is setup to reflect that.  We have several departments in the same building.  If there is a problem with a copier that multiple departments use and one person submits a ticket then others have no way to know because we can't allow others to see tickets based on "Company"  our Human Resources Department does not want others to know when the submit an Employee Leaving ticket because the employee may not know that they are leaving (being walked out the door)  That is just one example of a confidential ticket that is submitted and should not be visible to anyone except for HR and IT.

We have multiple buildings and a person at the Police Department does not care if someone at the Fire Department is having an issue with a computer or peripheral.

avatar Aaron Greve
We have a similar setup. It would also be nice to be able to limit ticket categories by department. We have two ticket categories for our Police department that don't apply to any other department, however since we can only limit access to "Company" everyone sees these categories.
8/6/2019 10:34 AM

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