Implemented Suggested 6/19/2019 by Aaron McQueen



Category Assignment for Canned Responses

We use quite a few canned responses across different categories.  Our list is growing and some of the responses don't apply to all categories.  Having some canned responses only available in some categories would help clean up our canned responses dropdown.  

avatar Mark Gabb
This would be awesome. We have more than just ICT using helpdesk. Our facilities and quality department use it too... So having canned responses cut down to be category or user based would be awesome
7/25/2019 5:34 PM
avatar Aaron McQueen
Thanks for working on this and implementing it, but it doesn't quite do what we need. We need to be able associate a canned response with multiple categories, similar to the way that custom fields works.
7/29/2019 10:14 AM
avatar Nicholas Bentley
This would be awesome as we have multiple different functional teams using JitBit and it would cut down on the amount of scrolling that needs to be done.
10/14/2019 2:55 PM
avatar Alex Tech
Just a clarification: we already have this implemented, you can assign a canned response to a category, but only to ONE category. Just not to several categories, and we're leaning towards not implementing it, to keep the app simple.,
11/1/2019 5:42 AM
It won't work well for us unless we can assign a canned response to multiple categories because of how our queues are laid out. An alternative would be to allow it to be assign to a category group. Otherwise we have to create the same canned response multiple times to attach it to all the categories that we want.
11/1/2019 11:06 AM
avatar Alex Tech
OK, we've added this feature during the weekend. Now you can assign a canned response to MULTIPLE categories.
11/3/2019 3:04 PM

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