New Suggested 7/29/2019



Allow use of custom statuses before replying to the ticket.

Currently you can't set a custom status to a ticket before replying or making a technician update. This should be changed so that you can apply a custom status before you respond to a ticket.

avatar Alex Tech
You can click "take over" (to move the ticket to "in process" and then move the ticket to a custom status, is that a problem?
12/11/2019 3:00 PM
avatar Mark Gabb
in some cases you may want to change the status before taking the ticket over... i may want to approve a ticket "Approved" Status so other techs can deal with it, but i dont want the ticket under my name...

It probably comes down to how you want to handle tickets within your own organisation
12/16/2019 11:32 PM

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