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"Is Approver"

Our Jitbit helpdesk is widely use for inter-department ticketing system, We would like to request for a "Is Approver" in "User" and "technician" as check mark option.

The reason behind it is that, most of the signatories or approver are process owner in their department/organization and not necessary part of the helpdesk support group.

At present ticket's we're put on hold if it requires additional approval, the approval process may require additional task from end user... (separate email between requestor and approver) and then posted back as attachment. The process is "not well optimise" as some of the feedback we get from our end users.

If we have the option "Is Approver" On, together with custom field [Approve/denied].

We can come up with some automation to the approver forwarding the request via email. Approver can simply login to the ticketing system assuming he/she is a technician or simply clicking the LINKs provided on the email notification if it's approved or denied.

It's something that will help improve the approval process that may require in the ticket. it will also help optimise the flow and improve response and resolution time of the ticket. Also the information is saved can be very useful in the future for report analysing. 

Please note that approvers are process owner from team lead, up to executive. Some tickets may require more than one approval. (e.g supply chain approval and warehouse approval).

For your consideration

avatar Heja
We've also reviewed the link "approval workflow example" though we tried this first on our end it simply cannot meet the requirements of the organisation as a whole.
9/23/2019 4:21 AM
avatar Heja
I wonder if this has been reviewed, I can share some more input let us know.
10/29/2019 8:39 PM

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