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Implemented Suggested 9/27/2019 by Heja



"Is Manager" - Improvement

"Is Manager" - Improvement

We would like to request for "Is Manager" to be more flexible in terms of scope. At present this function was not in use in our organisation due to its large scope.

Our request for improvement are the following:
  1. Options to be added in "Is User" and "Tech "
  2. Ability to oversee tickets in select custom field, Department and/or Organization only.
  3. Ability not to received ticket notification. (can be done manually at present but workaround is not optimal)
  4. Ability to received automated reports, based on number 2.
  5. They need their own tab view of their own ticket so at not to confuse themselves.
  6. Those "user" with "Is manager" = on, will be shown in "Is Manager" tab.   

Reason some Manager would not want to use the current "Is Manager" function was because:
  1. It violates company data privacy, some tickets manage by other department are considered private and only authorise manager are allowed for viewing.
  2. They don't want to get involve with other tickets and would only prefer those that they have responsibility in.
  3. Too much of a clutter for some, having a view of entire ticketing system (multiple department) were as some Manager only manage a small department.

PS: can we also have an option for admin not to see other ticket he she not assigned to. Currently its seems like it's there by default (seeing all ticket). (compliance finding)

Appreciate and thank you. for your consideration.

Kristo Kannik
We have almost the same situation that some users are techs and on the other side are users.
Also, we have a few companies that have same person as a manager so they would like to see all 3 company tickets with same user but the functionality right now does not allow it so they have maybe 3 users. one for each company and 1 for tech as he is responsible for 1 are.
11/25/2019 10:54 AM
Adding "is manager" to the tech user type would be a BIG help for our organization as well. It would allow us to remove a bunch of automation rules that have to be hand maintained to added managers as subscribers and it would also improve search results. So techs could search for tickets that had been submitted across the entire company they belonged to.
11/25/2019 1:58 PM
Daniel Watkins
If this is being improved could you also allow "Is Manager" data to be pulled from AD where it exits already.
4/22/2020 4:41 AM
Felipe Garcia
Here at my company we are a single organization comprised of various internal business units that are utilizing Jitbit for helpdesk. On occasion I receive requests from users would would like the the capability you have listed as "Is Manager" to be able to view and modify the tickets of user who are direct reports. As Daniel stated this info about the manager relationship even exists in AD/LDAP and could be pulled automatically too. An enhancement to the behavior of "Is Manager" would be nice. I'd like it modifiable to treat departments as the unique signifier for groups of users that then a manager could be in charge of? That way we could make a User a Manager of a department and they could see all users tickets for that group.
5/29/2020 9:40 AM
Mark Gabb
i would like to add my voice to this as well

We have situations where we have managers who would like to see tickets for thier staff but the current IS manager gives them way too much visibility
6/23/2020 1:20 AM
Pedro Pereira
I would like to introduce an option for users "Is Manager" which is the possibility of being assigned to a specific Ticket Category e.g. Needs Approval to be able to approve some types of requests made by normal users in your organization. There is this possibility at this link https://support.jitbit.com/helpdesk/KB/View/23011028-ticket-approval-workflow-example but we must empower "Is Manager" users as technicians or admin and, as already commented here, "Is Manager" is not intended to have more viewing possibilities than they really need.
7/14/2020 6:46 PM
@Mark Gabb +1 up!
11/18/2020 11:40 PM
It would be helpful to have more customizable permissions in general. Perhaps being able to create your own custom positions with the application that have whatever permissions you set.
1/15/2021 5:33 PM
@ nesretep@chem.byu.edu yes, totally agree with custom position.
3/22/2021 9:56 PM
One really quick update that would drastically improve the is Manager options would be to set it by Department and Company.
4/29/2021 8:07 AM
Alex Tech
We've added an option to be a "manager" for a department, not just company, deploying the update week.
Yesterday, 1:17 AM

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