Helpdesk Automation Rules

The "Automation Rules" module performs automatic actions triggered by certain conditions.

For example:
  • When a support ticket hasn't been updated for 4 hours - alert administrators and send an apology to the customer
  • When a ticket is created and the subject line contains "billing" - move the ticket to "billing" category and assign it to John.
  • When a ticket is closed - send an additional email to the customer
  • When a ticket is closed and some validation does not pass (for example, a ticket is in a category that disallows closing tickets) - re-open that ticket
Basically, all automation rules have a formula: When ABC happens - and XYZ conditions are met - do SOMETHING.

To create a new automation rule:
  1. navigate to "Administrator - Automation rules - Create"
  2. add a "trigger" (e.g. "ticket is being created")
  3. (optional) add one or more "conditions" (e.g. "ticket category is XXX")
  4. add an "action" (e.g. "close the ticket")
  5. hit "save"

How to use multiple triggers?

You simply create a rule that is "Triggered by another automation rule". And then have two events trigger that rule from two other rules.

Important note about recursion

Keep in mind, that rules can cause endless loops and recursion. For example:

  1. "Ticket is created" triggers Rule A
  2. Rule A changes ticket category
  3. This triggers all the rules that wait for "ticket category changes"

Jitbit has a built-in anti loop protection: if it detects that the same rule launches twice for the same event - it aborts the run. Keep this in mind when debugging your rules.

More info

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