Implemented Suggested 12/1/2019



Additional email template "Ticket-updated" email template but seperated into agent only and customer only

As it is now if i customize the template to say "Dear #From# it will say the customers name in the replay email the agent gets.

for now the way to solve this is automation making the Ticket-Updated template not very useful. 

actually it is not even possible to do properly via the as there is no "send mail to all subscribers EXCEPT agents/admins"
12/1/2019 10:14 AM
automation *
12/1/2019 10:15 AM
Sending notification should be optional and not hard-coded because we may not want the same response being passed to the original subscriber when he was not marked in any of the other communication. This creates lot of confusion with the technicians and other internal members if they did not include original subscriber.
6/11/2021 1:54 AM
We would need it to include a URL for techs since we use the system in an email only setup. I don't want to send URLs to customers, but want to do so to Techs.
7/7/2022 11:54 PM
Alex Tech
We've decided to add a workaround to existing rules so you can achieve this via automation. The "Send email to subscribers" will have the options to send to all users, nont-tech users, technicians or admins etc. Adding this feature to core functionality will complicate the product too much for new users
5/29/2023 3:47 PM

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