New Suggested 8/10/2022 by Renault DEMANGER



Custom Field incremental numeric value (position in this category)

Numbers of tickets is huge

Reference are too big = not used by users in their communications by phone
Example : my ticket number is xx xxx xxx is not user friendly             

Add a Custom Field Incremental numeric value linked to the position of the ticket "In this category / In this section" (2 options)
2 advantages :
A. Users can easily remind a quick ref to communicate with the support
    Example : My ticket is "CAR\Red - 15" (SECTION\Category)
B.Each parties can see directly quantity of tickets in this category/section (psychologically it can help to understand the degree of recurrence of the same type of ticket)
   By this way, the service can understand easily if they need to adapt something if he hear 999 = a lot of tickets of this type
                         The user can understand "I'm alone to register this type of ticket = service may be slower

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