Email filtering in Jitbit

Before an email comes in your help desk and is converted to a new ticket or a reply to an existing ticket it goes through a set of filters. As a result, an email may be dropped somewhere before it makes it to your Jitbit. The main purpose of the filters is to prevent spam, viruses or other "useless" messages like "out of office" replies or delivery failure notifications from making it to your helpdesk. The secondary purpose is to prevent endless email loops. 

This article describes all the filters in detail.

Hosted version

If you use any built-in mailboxes that we provide ( we use some additional filters for you. Before an email makes it into your helpdesk it goes through:

1. Anti-virus scanner. If an email contains a virus it gets dropped.
2. A spam filter. We use rspamd to look for spam. We want to minimize the number of messages that we drop so it is set up in a way that lets most of the email through. For reference - from the last 15 million messages we only rejected 4 thousand. 

Both versions

The filters described below are a result of years of adjustments and fine-tuning. The full list is below:

1. Subject contains any of the following: "delivery status", "delivery has failed", "out of office", "out of the office", "out-of-office", "error delivering mail", "delivery failure notification", "ausência temporária", "ofis dışı mesajı"
2. Subject starts with any of the following: "automatic reply", "[auto-reply]", "automatische antwort", "automatisch antwoord", "respuesta automática", "auto reply", "autosvar:", "absence du bureau", "réponse automatique", "abwesenheitshinweis", "automatisk svar"
3. From address or name contains: "mailer-daemon", "postmaster", "mail delivery subsystem"
4. Has any of the following headers: "X-Failed-Recipients", "X-Autoreply", "X-Autorespond", "auto-submitted": "auto-replied", "X-Autogenerated": "Reply", "precedence": "junk", "precedence": "auto_reply", "X-Spam-Status": "yes"

A note on bounces
If we receive a bounce message in response to something we sent we process it differently. For example, a technician posts a reply on a ticket and we send an email notification to If we receive a bounce notification in response to our email two things will happen:

1. In Jitbit on the reply that the technician posted we will show that the email notification was not delivered: 

2. If the bounce we got was permanent, like "this account does not exist", we disable email notifications for that account. You can see this in Reports - Event log:

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