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Message added to existing ticket instead of creating a new one


Our user sent an email to our support address, and the message has created a new ticket. One minute later, the user forwarded the same email to other support address within our Helpdesk application, but instead of creating a new ticket, the email has been merged as an update to the existing ticket. Why did that happen?


When Helpdesk receives an email, it checks the Subject line for the ticket number in the curly braces. If the number is there, the message is appended to the existing ticket.

It becomes trickier when there is no ticket number in the Subject – should the application just create a new ticket? What if it's a reply to an existing one – should it create a duplicate?

To resolve this, we have made the application check the email message's SMTP headers, such as "Message-ID", "References", and "In reply to". If one of the headers has a message-id value that already belongs to an existing ticket, the message is appended to that ticket. If the number is unique (i.e. the message is brand new), it creates a new ticket.

Creation date: 4/29/2020 11:33 AM (Vlad)      Updated: 5/23/2020 4:40 PM (Vlad)
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