Trial limitations for Help Desk Server (Hosted HelpDesk has no trial limitations)

The "hosted" version has no limitations in the trial version (except for the number of users which is 400)

The "on-premises" version of Jitbit Helpdesk Ticket system also has all the core features available but some things are limited:

  • You'll have a link to our website in the header and the footer ("powered by")
  • You can't search tickets or Knowledge Base articles
  • Connecting to Office365 mailboxes via modern auth is not supported. IMAP still works
  • Some integrations are disabled (Github, Slack, Asana, etc.)
  • You can't delete the sample articles from the Knowledge Base
  • You can't send comment to technicians only; every comment is available publicly
  • You can't set due dates to tickets
  • You can't customize the look of your Helpdesk (change colors)
  • You can't change priority of a ticket
  • You can't change category of a ticket once it has already been created
  • You can't create tickets with file attachments
  • You can't create custom email templates, only use the default ones
  • No tickets from unregistered users (option “Accept emails from unregistered users” disabled) you have to create a user first, to accept tickets from him/her
  • No time tracking capabilities
  • No ticket escalation
  • No ticket scheduler
Solving problems with on-premises version of Jitbit Helpdesk ticketing system