Maximum size file attachments

NOTE: This article is intended for the on-premises version of Jitbit.

For the on-premises version of the helpdesk app, the maximum attachment size depends on your server settings. Typically it's being configured in the web.config file that is located in the root directory of help desk. You can open it with any text editor. The default server setting for the upload size could be as low as 4MB, so you might want to check that before you go live.

You need to edit the web.config file like so:


Add the following setting to your web.config (if it's not already there) if you are running IIS 7 or later (you most likely do). This value is in bytes and the example limit is set to 50MB.

<requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="52428800" /> <!--50MB-->

If you want to be safe, you can do the same thing in inetmgr.exe:

  1. Select the website you want enable to accept large file uploads.
  2. In the main window double click 'Request filtering'
  3. Select "Edit Feature Settings"
  4. Modify the "Maximum allowed content length (bytes)"
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